sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011


Process is the concept most important in operative sistems, the definition of this is the abstraction of a program in ejecution, that others depends of this.
Some of the points importants in process is:
  • Proporcional the capacity of operate ocasionality.
  • Convert a CPU in some virtual CPUs.
  • The process works in miliseconds.
  • Instance of a program in ejecution.
  • El proceso is the activity that the CPU goes riding the program, having the data of input and the product final.
  • The process have a input, output and states.
Creating a process:
The principal events that cause the creation of process:
  1. The starting of sistem
  2. The ejecution, since a process, of a call of the sistem for the creation of process
  3. The petition of user for create a process
  4. The start of a work for lots
*Process in a first plane: Is the process that interactive with the users.
*Process in a second plane: Process with a specific function (daemons).